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Thanks for visiting! I'm Micah Solomon, a customer service consultant, trainer and eLearning training designer, author of five books, and Senior Contributor to Forbes logo in white.

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  • Consulting, training, eLearning design (asynchronous training): customer service, customer experience, company culture.
  • Insights from Ritz-Carlton, Zappos, USAA, Mayo Clinic, and more.
  • B2B, B2C, internal and external customer service and customer experience. Private sector (retail, tech, hospitality, wholesale, B2B resellers, etc.) government, K-12, higher education, non-profit.
  • Keynote speaking, virtual keynotes, webinar hosting.
  • Content creation: webinar series, podcast series, customized training, website and blog content, ghostwriting (full-length books, ebooks, and articles).
  • All project sizes and budgets welcome.
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Herve Humler

Herve Humler

Co-founder and Emeritus Chairman,
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company


"Micah Solomon is my go-to expert on exceptional customer service and building a customer-focused culture."

Micah Solomon and Associates work with nearly all sizes of companies,
from tiny to massive. (Truly! We love small companies and projects.)
Some of our better-known clients include:

Ways We Can Help You

Customer Service and Customer Experience (CX) Consulting and Training

We offer consulting in the disciplines of customer experience (CX), customer service, culture change, and company culture, ranging from modest “refreshes” to full-on transformation initiatives led by Micah Solomon, whom Inc. Magazine  calls “The World’s #1 Customer Service Turnaround Expert.”

Our training approach is both practical and inspiring. It’s designed to build practical skills and knowledge as well as the employee flexibility and empathy that lead to true “wow” moments and inspire customer engagement and loyalty.

Keynote Speaker, Webinar and Podcast Host, Digital Training/Learning

Micah is one of the best-known keynote speakers on customer experience (CX), customer service, company culture, leadership, and innovation. He also offers half-day workshops, webinars, and training, always customized to your specific audience, business situation, and challenges. Micah travels throughout the U.S. and the world.

Digitally, Micah is available as a webinar creator/host and podcast designer/host as well as offering customized digital learning/training.

Executive Content Creation and Ghostwriting, Influencer, Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Bestselling author Micah Solomon offers content creation, co-writing/ghostwriting (full-length business memoirs, biographies, and thought-leadership books; lead-generating ebooks; articles and blog posts), corporate writing, and brand building.

Micah is considered a leading influencer, thought leader, and subject matter expert (SME) on customer experience (CX), customer service, company culture and culture change, general business, SMB, entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, and innovation.

Micah also offers customer service expert witness service, litigation consulting, and case review services in the areas of customer service and the customer experience.

Client Success Stories

Chrome Lobby

CHROME FSB: Retail Banking/Credit Union Customer Service Initiative

CHROME is an innovative credit union in Washington County, Pennsylvania with three physical locations and a strong digital presence in its marketplace. As part of a major rebranding, which included a name change and facilities overhaul, CHROME engaged us to work with them to take their customer service (“member service,” in credit union parlance) to a never-before-achieved level.

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Audi RS 5 Coupé

Audi of America: Retail Automotive Customer Service Training and Cultural Initiative

As part of Audi’s North American efforts to shore up and polish its retail automotive customer service to align with the high expectations of its HNWI (high net worth individual) customer base, the iconic automotive brand has has embraced Micah Solomon’s principles of customer service nationwide and rolled them into its dealership training in the service, parts and sales sides of its nationwide customer service efforts.

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Best Option Ocean House

Ocean House: Forbes Triple Five Star Hotel & Resort (Hospitality Industry Client)

  Ocean House, a Triple Five Star Forbes-rated property (one of only 11 in the world), engages Micah Solomon & Associates annually and on an ongoing basis, to consult, mystery shop, train frontline associates and advise its leadership team on needed improvements and adjustments, as well as overall customer service and hospitality trends. Ocean House,…

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children having their exam

Buena Park School District (K-12 Education Client)

The Buena Park School District, a highly diverse school district in Orange County, California, engaged Micah Solomon & Associates for a customer service refresh initiative. Elements of the engagement included analysis of the current state of customer service at the BPSD, creation of a complete set of new Best Practices/Customer Service Standards for the District

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cx freshworks -rethinking customer experience

Webinar Series For Freshworks®: “Rethink CX”(6 Episodes)

Tech company Freshworks engaged Micah Solomon to create and host what’s proven to be a wildly successful 6-episode webinar series titled Rethink CX. Micah hosted and coordinated the content for each episode, and his invited guests included Seth Godin, Raj Singh, Eric Farber, Colin Taylor, Pradeep Rathinam, and Robert Flanyak.   Micah is similarly available to create,…

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Zendesk Tour Banner

Zendesk: Customer Service/CX HeroTour Multi-City Roadshow (Live Keynote Speaking Client)

Technology company Zendesk famously engaged Micah Solomon to be the keynote speaker for its cross-country roadshow, titled The Zendesk Customer Service HeroTour. At each stop, Micah would keynote the event as well as autograph his latest bestseller for attendees, all of whom were current or prospective Zendesk users. Local Zendesk community panelists would share best…

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We're here to help answer any questions you have! Click to  chat live, call 1-484-343-5881, or email [email protected]

What People Are Saying

Herve Humler

Herve Humler

Co-founder and Emeritus Chairman, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

"Micah Solomon is my go-to expert on exceptional customer service and building a customer-focused culture."

J.D. Peterson

J.D. Peterson

VP Marketing, Zendesk

"Micah Solomon has repeatedly been our top-rated speaker. At five events in a row, so far."

melissa mueller

Melissa Mueller

Co-Founder and CEO, Vis-a-Vis Inc.

"The best consultant, trainer, and keynote speaker we've ever hired!"

Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak

Apple co-founder

"Micah Solomon conveys an up-to-the minute and deeply practical take on customer service, business success, and the twin importance of people and technology"

Robert J. Flanyak, CPFC ®

President, Chief Executive Officer CHROME • Banking That Shines

"The service revamp we’ve undertaken with Micah Solomon & Associates has created an elevated level of Member Service that’s an essential part of CHROME FCU. Our unique service standards and approach have been universally applauded and even imitated by our competitors, and we’re now two-time winners of “Best Credit Union” as well as “Best Mortgage Lender,” beating out even PNC Bank, a national bank 500 times our size."

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8 Essentials Of Improving The Patient Experience and Patient Satisfaction

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8 Internal Customer Service Best Practices

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It feels like I get asked between 1.5 and 3,000,000 questions about customer service every month. I certainly don’t mind; it’s my favorite subject, bar none. Sometimes these questions come up in my professional capacity (as a customer service consultant and customer service turnaround expert); sometimes they’re just from a friend who knows I’m obsessed with this stuff.





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