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Micah Solomon is a hands-on customer service consultant, keynote speaker, and trainer, and one of the world's leading experts on customer service, company culture, and the customer experience. Considered to be “the customer service turnaround expert,” he’s been named by The Financial Post as “The New Guru of Customer Service Excellence.”

A bestselling author, Micah’s five books have been translated in more than a half-dozen languages and are the recipients of multiple awards. Micah also a Senior Contributor to Forbes where he covers the subjects of customer service, the customer experience, and company culture, and his expertise has been featured in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, and, repeatedly, in the Harvard Business Review.

In addition to consulting, training, and speaking, Micah also offers content creation and influencer services, ghostwriting (both book-length and article-by-article or blog post by blog post), and expert witness services (practice confined to customer service and the customer experience).

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…and Associates:

Micah Solomon and Associates (incorporated as Four Aces Inc.) specialize in creating five-star customer service experiences, and customer-centric cultures, with an eye toward building and sustaining bottom line results. Under the hands-on leadership of Micah Solomon, widely considered to be the premier “customer service turnaround expert,” the firm takes on projects from the very small to the global, from quick-fixes to multi-year initiatives.

Services include consulting, customer service turnaround initiatives, company culture refreshes, training-only engagements, keynote speaking, long-term engagements on retainer, and more. Everything is customized to the individual client.

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Ways We Can Help You

Customer Service and Customer Experience (CX) Consulting and Training

We offer consulting in the disciplines of customer experience (CX), customer service, culture change, and company culture, ranging from modest “refreshes” to full-on transformation initiatives led by Micah Solomon, whom Inc. Magazine  calls “The World’s #1 Customer Service Turnaround Expert.”

Our training approach is both practical and inspiring. It’s designed to build practical skills and knowledge as well as the employee flexibility and empathy that lead to true “wow” moments and inspire customer engagement and loyalty.

Keynote Speaker, Webinar and Podcast Host, Digital Training/Learning

Micah is one of the best-known keynote speakers on customer experience (CX), customer service, company culture, leadership, and innovation. He also offers half-day workshops, webinars, and training, always customized to your specific audience, business situation, and challenges. Micah travels throughout the U.S. and the world.

Digitally, Micah is available as a webinar creator/host and podcast designer/host as well as offering customized digital learning/training.

Executive Content Creation and Ghostwriting, Influencer, Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Bestselling author Micah Solomon offers content creation, co-writing/ghostwriting (full-length business memoirs, biographies, and thought-leadership books; lead-generating ebooks; articles and blog posts), corporate writing, and brand building.

Micah is considered a leading influencer, thought leader, and subject matter expert (SME) on customer experience (CX), customer service, company culture and culture change, general business, SMB, entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, and innovation.

Micah also offers customer service expert witness service, litigation consulting, and case review services in the areas of customer service and the customer experience.

Micah's Writing

Micah is the author of four business bestsellers. His writing is also regularly featured on Forbes.com (700+ published articles to date) and Inc.com as well as in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Harvard Business Review, Washington Post, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and elsewhere.

Micah's Consultancy, Four Aces, offers writing and content creation services. Click here to find out more.

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