Expert Witness Services

Customer service expert witness Micah Solomon offers his services as a customer experience expert witness (CX), customer service, and hospitality expert witness, including expert witness work in California seating cases. He also offers litigation consulting and case review in the areas of customer service, the customer experience (CX), and hospitality.

Expert witness services offered:

  • Expert witness
  • Litigation consulting
  • Case review

Scope of Micah Solomon’s expert witness practice:

  • Customer service expert witness
  • Customer experience expert witness
  • Patient satisfaction expert witness
  • Patient experience expert witness
  • Hospitality expert witness
  • Retail customer service expert witness

… as well as related disciplines.

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Industries of focus and interest

  • The Automotive Industry and Automotive Retailing
  • Retail Banking and Credit Unions
  • Financial Services
  • Law Firms & The Legal Industry
  • The Building Trades
  • B2B organizations
  • Manufacturing
  • Associations
  • Healthcare, hospitals, and medical practices (Patient Satisfaction and Patient Experience)
  • Not-for-Profit, Nonprofit organizations
  • Philanthropy
  • The deathcare, funeral, and cemetery industries
  • Technology Companies
  • IT/Information Services
  • Higher Education
  • K-12 Education
  • Government – Federal, State, Municipal and Local governmental agencies, departments, and divisions
  • Event Staging
  • The Hospitality Industry, including some of the great Five Star and Five Diamond hotels and brands in the U.S. and the world, as well as limited service properties and everyone in between
  • F&B/ Food Service
  • Retail
  • Spas and others in the Service Industry
  • Communications
  • The Travel Industry
  • Real Estate
seth godin

"Micah reminds us why caring about your customers (and treating them that way) is not just something that feels good, it's good business."

~ Seth Godin
Author of Purple Cow and Tribes

Steve Wozniak

"Micah Solomon conveys an up to the minute and deeply practical take on customer service, business success, and the twin importance of people and technology."

~ Steve Wozniak
Apple co-founder

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