TSA Confiscates Tastykake: government customer service thoughts

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Even government employees can find ways to give extraordinary, memorable, attitude-changing customer service, in spite of the constraints and rigors of their procedure-heavy positions.

Especially if they share their senses of humor or other warm personality elements with their stressed customers.

To wit: Wednesday I was stuck in a  long line awaiting security screening at PHL, en route to Grand Rapids to give a business keynote speech for the insurance industry and their clients. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a young man carrying an unopened box of Tastykake– and no other luggage.

A passing TSA officer told him, absolutely deadpan — “I’ll need to confiscate those sir–they’re Jelly Krimpets, my favorite.” 

Our entire, ’til-then-bored-to-tears-and-anxious line of frequent travelers completely lost it at that point. And the rest of the morning flew by.

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