Keynote Speaker Announced for Greenleaf Hospitality Annual Pinnacle Event

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The keynote speaker has been announced for the annual Greenleaf Hospitality Group’s Pinnacle event, scheduled for August 20 and 21, in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


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Bestselling author, customer service consultant, and hospitality speaker Micah Solomon will bring the latest hospitality, foodservice and customer service best practices and trends from around the world, customer service and hospitality expert Micah Solomon will speak on “High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service” in a keynote speech based on his bestselling book of the same name.

“We are very excited to have Micah Solomon coming to bring his up-to-the-minute expertise on creating great customer service organizations,” says Carrie Mortock, the Executive Director of Human Resources for Greenleaf Hospitality.

Improving hospitality and customer service is one of Micah Solomon’s expert areas of focus. He has offered keynote speaking and consulting, and written on customer service, customer experience, and customer loyalty to audiences recently in:

The Automotive Industry Ӣ Banking & Financial Services Ӣ Insurance Ӣ Law Firms Ӣ The Building Trades Ӣ B2B & Manufacturing Ӣ Healthcare Ӣ Not-for-Profits Ӣ Death Care Ӣ Technology & IT Ӣ Event Staging Ӣ Hospitality Ӣ Retail Ӣ Communications Ӣ The Travel Industry Ӣ Real Estate Ӣ People with Disabilities

Solomon’s books on customer service, the customer experience, customer loyalty, and hospitality have now been translated into nine languages and won multiple awards. His most recent book, “High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service” was recently named by the Best Small Business Book Awards as one of the top business books of 2013. His perennial bestseller, “Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit,” is renowned collaboration with the creators of the modern-day Ritz-Carlton.

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About Greenleaf Hospitality

Greenleaf Hospitality Group offers an unmatched choice in world class hospitality through a variety of offerings from hotel lodging and events to dining, retail and entertainment. The locally owned Kalamazoo company owns and operates the Radisson Plaza Hotel & Suites, Holiday Inn West and Stadium Management Company. Our vision is to be the first choice in dining, hospitality, and entertainment! Our Mission is to align our talents to deliver an engaging experience to our Greenleaf Hospitality Group family, our guests and our communities.

About Micah Solomon

Micah Solomon was recently named a “new guru of customer service excellence” by the Financial Post. His latest business bestseller, “High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service,” as well as his perennial bestseller, “Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit” (a collaboration with the creators of the modern-day Ritz-Carlton), have won multiple awards. His expertise has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, CNBC, Forbes, and the Harvard Business Review.

As the lead customer service consultant and customer loyalty consultant at Four Aces, Inc., Micah Solomon specializes in helping companies, governmental agencies, and other other organizations build customer service initiatives and customer loyalty transformations that provide both immediate results in today’s challenging business environment and significant sustainability over time.

As a keynote speaker, Micah Solomon’s uniquely inspiring and humorous keynote speeches on customer service and customer loyalty convey his passion for everything that makes a business great, delivered in his famously relaxed and friendly 21st-century speaking style. Micah is legendary for engaging his audiences through his sincerity, his genuine passion for his clients’ success, and his unique visual presentation style – no stock photos here, just real life examples.

An entrepreneur and business leader himself, Micah used the techniques he speaks about to build his company from a one-man home operation into a market leader in the manufacturing and independent entertainment field””a story well known to readers of FastCompany and Seth Godin’s marketing bestseller Purple Cow. Micah was also an early investor in the Apple-related speech recognition technology behind Apple’s Siri.

For more information, please contact Four Aces Inc: info(at)micahsolomon(dot)com, (484)343-5881