The customer is the center of the customer’s universe.

The most profound truth about business is an incredibly simple one:

The customer is at the center of the customer’s universe.

I call this The Yearbook Effect, tipping my hat to a post by Seth Godin where he pointed out that “when you hand someone a photo album or a yearbook, the first thing they will do is seek out their own picture.”

Think about this reality–because it is reality. Incorporate it into everything you do in business. You’ll be amazed at the rewards you reap.

Happy 2013.


Micah Solomon, author of “High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service“, is the business keynote speaker, author, and customer service expert termed by the Financial Post ”a new guru of customer service excellence.” Solomon is a top keynote speaker, strategist, and consultant on customer service issues, the customer experience, and company culture ”” and how they fit into today’s marketing and technology landscape. An entrepreneur and business leader, he previously coauthored the bestselling “Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit“.


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