Are Your Customer Service and Customer Experience Falling Apart on the Handoffs?

1.  Apologize. Drag out this apology until the customer is ready to move on to step 2. I know apologies are uncomfortable, but they’re necessary.

2. Review the complaint with your customer.

3. Fix the problem and follow up (yes, I mean you–the person who took the complaint–follow up):  Either fix the problem right away or follow up right away to check on the customer and explain the progress you have made. Follow up after fixing things as well, to show continuing concern and appreciation.

4. Document the problem in detail to allow you to permanently fix the defect by identifying trends.

This pattern, which doesn’t spell any cute acronym [I tried], nonetheless works.  Try it.

Micah Solomon is a customer service consultant, customer service consultant, customer experience speaker, customer service keynote speaker, customer service trainer, and bestselling author.