Brian Schoenbaechler

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I was really impressed with the level of detail (and the memorable examples, positive and negative) you presented during your talk. Learning from the wisdom of–and occasional missteps–of companies like The Ritz-Carlton, Starbucks, Netflix, and more is extremely enlightening. I was also heartened that your approach is truly hands-on: you are one of the few speakers/consultants who has really practiced what he preaches; the examples from your own entrepreneurial experiences were a wonderful part of the presentation. The takeaways for my team were supremely practical–and we’re already making use of them, for example, learning to better focus on the beginning and end of your customer interactions since they stick in memory disproportionately. I have already recommended you to other business owners and executives, and will continue to do so to any sized company or industry that is seeking ways to grow their business through the power of customer service.